Grassed up

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday 19 June 2010 16:43

I'm half way through the grasses, sedges and rushes course I run at Woods Mill. Did the grasses today and things are looking very differently to last year. I picked a selection of grasses and we spent the morning keying them out before going out on the reserve and identifying many more species. Many plants are not even in flower but I did find a species in the meadow I had not noticed before, one of the nicest grasses, Yellow Meadow-grass. It's also a good indicator, I only see it on chalk downland and old meadows, sites with low nutrients. Unfortunately, I am not going to be running the sedges and rushes day tomorrow as I have to go to London Zoo and take part in Springwatch's 'Wild Night In', a fund raising event where I might get chance to talk about the work we have done for Adonis Blues again at Malling Down.

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Brad Says:

Hi Graeme, it was a great weekend course, and I just had a nice weekend in Herefordshire with a friend identifying grasses (and a few sedges) there. They aren't nearly as bewildering any more. Are you doing a moss course this year? Thanks

Graeme Lyons Says:

I may do a course on common woodland mosses over the winter but it may have to be next year. Glad you liked the course, it is one of the ones I enjoy the most as people always come away happy.

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