And I got to wear my stinky old leather jacket on live TV

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Monday 21 June 2010 16:54

WOW! What an amazing experience and a great opportunity it was to take part in the live show Wild Night In. I am still buzzing from the whole thing. I really hadn't thought all that much about how big this event was going to be, I think it was a safety mechanism to stop me getting too freaked out about it. Anyway, Rich and I got to London Zoo about 4.00pm and spent nearly four hours waiting for a 60 second debrief. All the time we were getting tenser and tenser and we were finally ushered into the aptly named 'Green Room'. Fortunately I kept my lunch down and combated the intense fear I was feeling by sitting on my own and gripping the chair really tightly. Just like that we were on air and as soon as I had the camera shoved in front of my face I did chill out a bit, I was amazed how calm I seemed when I watched it back. It was not like that in my head at all. It was so good for Sussex Wildlife Trust to be involved with this and also for me personally as I wouldn't mind getting into natural history presenting. It really was a bit of a dream come true, to be talking live to thousands of people about practical conservation and ecology and to see British butterflies up there with some of the most impressive and exotic wildlife on the planet. Awesome, I am made up. I didn't get to sleep until gone 3.00am from all the excitement and coffee. It was funny watching one slightly bewildered contributor say to Edith Bowman after her slot, "that was great, you're a natural". I don't think he new who she was. Right, back to the real world of actual conservation now...

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