70 mph aliens

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday 8 May 2010 11:32

Another day in the office yesterday writing management plans meant little chance for natural history but we did stop for a short walk on the Downs in the evening. The photo is of the introduced crucifer Hoary Cress. This species grows on chalk verges as well as on arable land but like other 'roadside' species such as Danish Scurvy-grass, most of the plants I see go past at 70 miles an hour! I realised as I took this photo that I had never really looked at this alien up close! Introduced from Eastern Europe and Asia to the UK in the 19th Century, this species is most widespread in the south east.

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Sarah Says:

Tell the people how it got here :)

Graeme Lyons Says:

Hi Sarah, I only just saw your comment! Was it something to do with soldier's mattresses?
Is that Sarah Patton by the way?

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