I got some photos of the wings and gave the bug an English name

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Friday 12 July 2019 18:40

I have had a bit more time to look at the bugs. Turns out that I picked up a male and a female (above). The male was photographed in the previous post. The female is so strange looking from behind and it really does make you wonder where the wings go. So I thought I would see if I could see the wings and the female just displayed them! Seth Gibson researched it and commented on the previous post. They do indeed fold up like a fan and then hide under the over-sized scutellum! Check it out!

The last one shows them folding up before disappearing under the scutellum! What an incredible little weirdo it is! I have always wanted to come up with an English name for a species and I have decided, after talking to Tristan Bantock, that Trapezium Shieldbug Coptosoma scutellatum is a useful name as it describes the unusual shape. What do you think?

2 Response to "I got some photos of the wings and gave the bug an English name"

martinf Says:

What an amazing creature. Great find, well deserved reward for all your time in the field

Gibster Says:

I still think Flying Butt is suitable. But NOT Flying Butt Bug, that could be misread as something else entirely...

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