The arachnid with too much mascara

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Tuesday 5 March 2019 19:32

Every day is better with this little harvestman in it! This is the awesome Megabunus diadema that I recorded new to Ebernoe Common today whilst servicing the data-loggers I have been running there for some eight years. It's the 4047th species recorded at Ebernoe Common and a new 10 km square for this beast. It does well in quite dark and shady places, like on the rocks at Eridge Rocks and on tree trunks in deep shade. This one was on a mossy Beach trunk completely surrounded by dense Holly. It's been photo-bombed by an even smaller arachnid, a tiny mite!

But it's sadly not a spider so it doesn't count towards the spider year-listing fiasco that is 2019. Today at Ebernoe I added Labulla thoracica, Coelotes terrestris, Lepthyphantes minutus and Clubiona corticalis. These last two are also new to the site and the 10 km square. It's certainly coming up with the goods this approach to listing. It turns out the little rubber flaps that I put around the dataloggers to disguise them, are REALLY good places for spiders to hang out. That put me on 89 spiders for the year. A tactical diversion to Rushfields for  the Garden Centre Spider Uloborus plumipes on the way home from work and I end the day on 90 species.

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