Bee-fly check-in

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday 12 July 2018 07:09

I have had so many natural history experiences this year that I have not been able to post about so I am going to try and get a quick blog out every day like the old days and see how that goes. Yesterday, when leaving Butcherlands after a veg survey I noticed a Villa in the gateway between Brick Kiln Field in Butcherlands and Furnace Meadow. 

I couldn't catch it (no net) but I am happy it's Downland Villa Villa cingulata from the photos and video. Mike and I had this new to Sussex at Heyshott Down two years ago, we've also both since seen it at Graffham Down but this is quite a jump north and a fairly different habitat. It's neutral to slightly acidic if anything. It must be less associated with chalk-grassland than stated in the literature. Here is another video with more sun-boiled ramblings. I am so bored of this heat now! 

This fly is rapidly colonising the south so I would expect to see it near you some time soon. The habitat was not exciting. This is the fourth bee-fly we have on the reserves now.

Also new to the reserve network was this Pseudeuophrys lanigera on the wall at Woods Mill! Our 385th spider which is pretty good going. That's 10,114 species recorded on these fantastic reserves now!

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