Queen visits Brighton for August Bank Holiday

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Monday 28 August 2017 13:07

So I wasn't expecting to wake up and see this online and have a Queen of Spain Fritillary in the bag before 11.00 am today! What a treat and my first new butterfly in the UK since I spotted the back of Neil Hume's head four years ago resulting in an emergency stop and a lifer. The site's near Teslcombe, actually a few miles east of Brighton, can't believe I've seen this within ten miles of my house today. The landowner has been really great and a big thanks to Neil for sorting this and putting the details up so promptly and concisely and of course to the man who found them, Dave Harris. I hope they hang around and produce lots of caterpillar princes and princesses. So if you can brave the clouds of poisonous gas and drag yourself away from the Game of Thrones season finale, this is a great opportunity to catch up with a really rare butterfly.

I only saw one today (there had been two this morning and three yesterday). This was my first encounter with the butterfly. It's gonna be one photographed individual! A nice area too, full of Clouded Yellows and Adonis Blues.

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