I've caught the Jersey bug

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Wednesday, 31 May 2017 06:50

The sun came out on Jersey today and so did the bugs! What an epic day we had and I really had a chance to get my new camera to work. We spent most of the day in the huge Le Blanches Banques Dunes to the south west of the island. The island seems to be really good for bugs, first up with have an island speciality being Broad-shouldered Shieldbug. We only saw one of these all day.

I reckon this is the nymph of Dicronocephalus agilis but it's what this nymph led me too that was a real surprise.

As I was trying to keep pace with this bug. it crawled right by a tiny plant. A plant I searched for many times on the cliffs at Beachy Head. The incredibly rare Small Hare's-ear!

Back to the bugs and another island speciality, White-shouldered Shieldbug. Again we saw only one of these.

And this is incredibly rare in the UK being known from one site in Cornwall. It;s the Cornish Shieldbug.

Another species not recorded from Sussex is the Sand-runner Shieldbug. And odd little thing, we only saw one of them.

Here is a mirid, common on the island but rare in the UK. Capsodes sulcatus.

And I've seen this one a few times, it's only at Rye Harbour in Sussex but it's always nice to see. Lesser Streaked Shieldbug.

Plants were good such as this Small Melilot. It's not always easy to tell what's native or not on the island but I expect not with this one being along a road.

And the invasive succulent Purple Dewplant which is a real problem on the coasts.

And I think these two are Sticky Storksbill and Musk Storksbill respectively. Come to think of it I didn't see much Common.

Back to the inverts. I had three new bees so far but this was the only one I photographed. Silvery Leaf-cutter Megachile leachella.

We caught several flies, one very exciting one that I managed to let go.However, I was pleased to find a couple of these beauties. The Dark-cloaked Bee-fly.

We reckon this must be the nymph of Blue-winged Grasshopper!

A little further north and I we heard lots of Field Crickets. I was also able to redeem myself somewhat with Chris and show him a huge male.

And finally the beetles. I believe this is Chrysolina haemoptera.

But this was my favourite species and my favourite photo. Because I had never heard of it before yesterday. I am tentatively at this stage calling this the Rugged Bloody-nose Beetle Timarcha rugulosa. I should add I made that English name up but I like it as it fits and makes it sound like a total bad ass. This is the photo-stacking feature working at its best.

Oh yeah, we had European Green Lizard too but it was too fast for a photo! Wow, so much to see here. Loads yet to identify from too, I've taken so many photos. The bets thing about all this is that we decided to allow the Channel Islands in PSL. So coming here just adds to the feeling that you are in the Med whilst being in the UK at the same time. I LOVE Jersey and its natural history. So today we are going to some commons followed by rock-pooling at a VERY low tide. Watch this space!

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