And then we saw a dead...

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday 9 February 2017 16:58

After the Snowy Owl, we headed to Norfolk. The first port of call was Holm. If you're just joining this now it's 20th February 1991 and I'm 12...

We set up and looked at the shore there were lots of waders, two seals (I did not see these) and lots of flocks of Eider.
          I spotted an unusual bar tailed godwit, in summer plumage! And the hole beach was littered in worm casts and cuttlefish and we found four spiny sea urchins.
          Then it came, pouring down with rain, we took u-turn headed back to the car, we saw the bar tailed godwit again we found a tuna's (not sure if it says that as I have no memory of this and my writing is a bit off at times) skull and lots of moth of pearl, we saw a pair of shelduck and then we saw a dead, Mr Gardner took its wings (informative Little Graeme but you kind of missed a key word out of this sentence - what was it?!), we also found a rather mangled guillemot. We headed back to the car and the rain was so bad, we decided to go to titchwell.

Next up, my first encounter with a Hen Harrier!

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