Can you think of a better name for this amazing fungus?

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Friday, 19 August 2016 07:23

During an invertebrate survey of Ebernoe Common yesterday, we stumbled across this amazing fungus just starting to grow out of a decaying Beech tree. It's big too, each of these fruting bodies is about fist-sized. It took a little while to identify but I am happy this is the Silky Rosegill (Volvariella bombycina). Another fungi that looks like some kind of dessert. I'm thinking coconut ice cream or white chocolate Ferroro Rocher. I love the scaly cap and the presence of a volva is quite odd for a species growing out of a tree. I think the scientific name is therefore more descriptive than the English. Here are some more shots.
This last one inspired me to come up with the alternative name of Forest Knockers. I'm sure in a few days it will look even more spectacular as it opens up fully. So, I think Silky Rosegill is a rubbish name for this species (I can't see the gills and it's not really silky) so I ask you, what would you call it? Please leave your comments on the blog.

Anyway. A few invertebrates from the survey. Here is the rare but expanding Episinus maculipes which I recorded new to Sussex last month at Ebernoe too. I've since also found it at Heyshott Down.

And this one was new for me. Cassida vittata (my 8th Cassida) and I wasn't expecting to see this one in the woods. Everyday is made better by a tortoise beetle. Especially one with metallic bits on it!

6 Response to "Can you think of a better name for this amazing fungus?"

Clare Blencowe Says:

(Although makes them sound a bit like a hobbit.)

Unknown Says:

I'd go with Leucistic Kiwi, due to its resemblance to Apteryx australis :;kiwi/

Matt Shardlow Says:

Well it's sort of silky and has rosy gills so its not a disasterous name, perhaps Fluffy tree mushroom or Fluffy blush-gills would be more fun. Episinus maculipes is the Tree H-weaver.

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