Sucking liquorice

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Friday 18 March 2016 19:00

This is the rather smart Pseudoprotapion astragali and thanks to one man and his electric suction sampler, I was able to see this on a cold day on a road verge in Bedfordshire this week. It's a Na species that only feeds on Wild Liquorice, a plant I have only ever seen once in Sussex. I'm slowly starting to grow to love the tiny apionid weevils and this one is very distinctive being more green than blue. My first new beetle in ages.

Here's a mystery for you. I was shown this after being asked "will you tick a stick?". It's quite surprising but I'd be interested to hear what people think it might be...

5 Response to "Sucking liquorice"

Gibster Says:

If you can find definite signs of life in that stick (or its roots)then you can 'av it. Or maybe the seeds, seeing as you're presumably ticking that coconut you found on the beach a while back haha. Personally speaking I'd come back when it's growing :)

Rob Says:

Winter Stalkball?

Graeme Lyons Says:

It's Sandy Stiltball (Battarea phalloides) and it's good enough for a record.

Gibster Says:

Heck, not even in the right bloody kingdom! Dunce's Corner for me...

Unknown Says:

Blimey - I actually got that right! Wild guess...

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