Severn Bore Vs. Seven Boar

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Friday 17 October 2014 17:32

Last Friday night I found myself wandering around the Forest of Dean in search of the elusive Wild Boar. Seth had been down a few weeks before and saw them and I was amazed at how much rootling had been going on all through the forest. We headed off into the night and within about an hour we stumbled across a small group of around seven Wild Boar. I was surprised at how dark they looked in the torch light, smaller than I was expecting and very angular in silhouette. Several of the group faced us and I was struck by how close together their eyes were face on! What was perhaps most impressive were the noises, you really felt it in the pit of your stomach. There really was something primal about this experience, the closest I think I will ever get to the film Trollhunter

This Fallow Deer stag appeared silently and ghost like in front of us for the briefest of moments during a break in the traffic before heading off into the woods. It was quite something. Thanks Danny for the photo!

The next morning we headed the short distance to the Severn to watch the the phenomena that is the Severn Bore. This one was only graded a '2' (top photo) and wasn't quite as impressive as I had hoped but it was well worth it anyway. You can read more about this here or suffer the terrible coverage of a 'grade 5' here:

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Gibster Says:

Having "suffered" the Sky news coverage I can only add that I'm greatly saddened they weren't there to witness our lowly Grade 2 bore...coz then I could've pushed them in as revenge for some truly godawful commentary!

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