Butterfish fingers

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Monday 9 June 2014 20:31

I've been poking around St. Mary's Lighthouse again this morning, even though I'm writing this from our sofa in Brighton! It was quite hard work, in fact I only saw three species of fish. I think it's easier to catch them when the water is cold! This is the eel-like Butterfish which is really hard to catch by hand (I netted this one).

I thought I would try and have a go at barnacles but I left my hand lens in the car so I will see if I can get anywhere with these from this photo. I'm not even sure if there are two species in this photo or just one. Too much driving to stimulate any creative thought tonight I'm afraid!

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Skev Says:

Plus that lichen on the barnacles of course ......

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