Land of the giants

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday 20 June 2013 19:40

Had a hectic few days entomology at work whilst the weather has been more usable. Today at Old Lodge I caught up with Carabus arvensis, a big impressive carabid that I found under a stone of the scrape. Another highlight was the impressive Staphylinus erythropterus under a tin sheet.

However, it was a spider that stole the show again. Micrommata virescens showed up on the survey as a single female last month. This time however, we recorded five males (I had heard the males were much harder to find than the females - not so at Old Lodge!). It was nice to see such huge invertebrates that, thanks to the over cast conditions, were easy to photograph.

Yesterday was a much better recording day  and I recorded a number of interesting species at Filsham including Nigma puella and Philodromus albidus, both Nb spiders. Plenty of Silis ruficollis too, a nationally scarce soldier beetle, probably the most abundant soldier beetle there. 

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