The Saw in the Red House

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Tuesday 21 August 2012 21:06

I don't see Saw-wort very often, this might even be the first time I've seen it in Sussex. I have taken the week off to do some freelance work at Chailey Common. NVC mapping the whole site no less! I have seen more Bracken over the last two days than I would usually see in a year. The nicest bits so far are H2c, a little H2a and M25b. The few patches of Saw-wort I have seen occur in areas of M25b in a guild with Golden-rod, Betony and Devil's-bit Scabious. They certainly brightened up the endless Bracken, Silver Birch and Molinia. I also stumbled across a Sharp-angled Carpet. I have completed the section called Red House and will be working on Memorial tomorrow, I love these old place names! The weather has really helped so far, as I have walked just shy of 13 km today with over a tenth of my own weight in volumes of Rodwell on my back so I could do without too much heat. Oh, I forgot. A big thank you to the dog owner who kindly let their spaniel lick my lunch and then walk off without saying a word of apology! You rock!

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Neil Says:

Nice flower

As for the spaniel, shows no matter where you go, there is always a thoughtless dog owner to ruin your day. Had you spoken to the owner he would probably have said its your fault for eating your lunch there!
I told a dog owner today that she shouldn't have her dogs in a pond: all I got was a refusal to remove them because they needed a drink/bath in the heat and 10mins of stubborn abuse when I tried to explain why they can't go in the pond....

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