The Dark Knight Rises

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday 21 July 2012 11:28

OK so it might not have been eight years since I last posted (just over two weeks) and my central character is hardly Bane (it's actually an alien grass called Harestail Grass Lagurus ovatus) but I finally feel like I might be coming out of my self imposed blogger's exile. At West Beach near Climping yesterday I spotted this funny looking grass growing in the sand dunes and I thought it was perhaps one that I had not seen. It's a cute little thing alright! It was indeed the first new species I have stumbled upon in weeks that I have felt compelled to identify. Now the weather has turned, will I take back to the streets of Sussex in the tumbler after being holed up in Wayne Manor for weeks? Enough of the Batman references, I don't have a tumbler. Or a cape. Or a bat cave but I do have a Fiesta, a butterfly net and a microscope so we're not all that different Batman and I. OK, we share the same number of limbs and I have a utility belt (for entomology) but that's something hey?

And yes I did see 'Rises' yesterday on the opening day at 11.00 am and yes it is bloody good! Now the sun is shining and I am off to Seaford Head...

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Glad you are back in full flow.

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