Fingered Speedwell

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Monday 2 April 2012 09:24

It's funny the places I find myself in. So yesterday afternoon I found myself on a road verge in Thetford with Mark Gurney looking at one of the few sites in the country for Fingered Speedwell. Oh the irony, that such a flimsy plant would only allow my camera to focus on it if I placed my finger in the shot first! Nearby was the other speciality speedwell of the area, the aptly named Breckland Speedwell.
And the rather attractive Spring Vetch.
The next few blog posts are all out of county so look away now if you are not interested in rare spring annuals and nationally scarce weevils in the Brecks! For the first time since I left the RSPB four years ago, I headed back to that part of the world to see some old friends and twitch some rare plants. I have taken so many photos that I might have to drip feed the posts out so I'll start with this road verge in Thetford on Sunday, then rewind to what happened on Saturday when I got on a bike for the first time in seven years...

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Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! Says:

My camera is supposedly 'intuitive' - but it seems to intuit (wrongly) that I want to focus on things beyond what I am looking at. I can over-ride the auto-focus and do it manually but manually focusing using a screen in bright light at ground level is pretty awkward! I'm glad you included your finger though - it helps with sense of size.

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