Little green job

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Friday 9 December 2011 18:12

I called in at Ditchling Beacon yesterday and boy was it bleak. Driving rain and a wind so strong it actually blew my camera case right off of my camera. I struggle with the tiny acrocarps but have often seen this one at Ditchling and decided it was time to figure it out. Under the microscope, you can clearly see the ID feature that separates it from others in the genus, the slightly projecting midrib. It's Trichostomum brachydontium.

UPDATE 10/12/2011: The above identification is wrong. Howard suggested that this species often gets confused with Barbula unguiculata. Told you I struggle with these! My moss is actually way too small to be Trichostomum and is in fact Barbula unguiculata.

I also saw Harebell in flower, a Lesser Bloody-nosed Beetle but best of all a Black Redstart. This is the first time I have seen one on a Trust reserve. I end the day on 3727. I have finally found a new house to live and will be moving over the next month. I am really excited about having access to a garden again after so many years. Now, the one good thing about Christmas is that once a year my work colleagues actually socialise, in a real pub with real booze. Tonight is that night, so don't be expecting any posts tomorrow!

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