Long Pigs

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday 27 August 2011 18:52

I went a walk up Windover Hill with Michael Blencowe this afternoon. In amongst discussions of being decapitated by remote controlled gliders and pondering about which animal we would least like to be eaten alive by, we did manage some natural history and I did get one tick. Michael showed me the pyralid moth Mecyna flavalis. Not the best specimen or the best photo as they kept blowing away in the wind and this was the best I could do. This species is pRDB2.
I also saw my first Sussex Graylings, I haven't seen one of these butterflies for well over three years.
Also, I am glad that I realised that this wasn't an aberration Silver-spotted Skipper and actually its wings were just folded around the wrong way. I would have looked like a right lemon claiming some strange asymmetrical mutant but I liked the photo anyway. It's so obvious now I'm looking at the photo but it was quite exciting for a few minutes.

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