Foreign berry pickers take industrial action

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Sunday 26 December 2010 16:20

Look, I know I've been saying for ages I wanted to find my own Waxwings, not twitch some second-hand birds but these were just too close to Jo's Mum's, just five miles down the road in  an industrial estate in Aldershot. Picture the scene, a car full of people heading towards an unknown postcode courtesy of Birdguides and via the guidance of sat nav. We pulled into the industrial estate and there were the Waxwings, we didn't even need to get out of the car. They were feeding very low down on a cotoneaster hedge. I think to non-birders, this whole process seems quite odd. Anyway, got some great shots with Jo's camera I bought her for Christmas. We all had a look outside of the car (except Jo's brother who refused to look through the binoculars stating 'they're just birds'!) and then the flock of 70 + birds flew off over a factory roof out of sight.
I'm well chuffed I've finally seen them this winter, lovely to see them at such close range. They have to be one of my favourite birds and the call is just like sleigh bells!

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Gilly Says:

Lovely, I still haven't seen a waxwing but I live in hope!

Crafty Green Poet Says:

wonderful photos, great to get so close. They're one of my favourite birds too and I've been lucky with them this winter! Excellent description of their call by the way!

Graeme Lyons Says:

Thanks for the comments. This was even better than seeing them fly in front of the car on my very first driving lesson when I was 17.

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