Carp diem

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Monday 26 April 2010 16:52

Steve and Bryan managed to get this fat boy out of the dipping pond where it has been making a menace of itself for sometime by hoovering up pretty much whatever it can fit in its mouth. Carp are bad news for nature conservation, not only reducing plant and invertebrate life but also making the water really turbid. This individual was released into the lake where there are so many Carp that one more will not make the least bit of difference. However, there are plans to remove or control the Carp there too next year. Other sightings today included the first soldier beetle of the year although it flew off before I could ID it, a female False Widow brought in by a member looking evil as ever and a patch of Goldilocks Buttercup. I'm hanging around late at work tonight to do an evening bird survey and might then stay on to look for Sloe Carpet after Michael Blencowe & co. found one at Ebernoe Common on Saturday, first record in West Sussex since 1997.

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