Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday 19 May 2011 18:08

I'm not punching the air at the joy of not having back ache, this is the call of my favourite bird, Mediterranean Gull and today I saw more of them in a single group than I have ever seen before. Driving south from West Dean Woods we disturbed a flock of gulls from a field very close to the road, there were at least 40, probably many more Meds. A few Black-headed Gulls in with them but flock was very much dominated with Meds. I took a few shots but they don't do it justice. What were they doing at this time of year in such numbers in the middle of a field?

Here is the rare four-winged sub species and a Black-headed Gull for comparison. I can't get enough of these birds, everything about them is just perfect and I still get this amazing rush every time I see one, even though I must have seen thousands by now. I don't know why. Ye-eah!
At West Dean I heard my first Turtle Dove of the year as well as a singing Firecrest. Five species of longhorn beetle, with four firsts for the year. A single Drab Looper and this stunning blue beetle, which as far as I can tell is the Birch Leaf-roller Byctiscus betulae which was a tick for me. If you wanna hear what Med Gulls sound like, click here YE-EAH!

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