Woods Mill stream - 7 months on

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Tuesday 17 May 2011 19:20

This is what the Woods Mill stream restoration looks like seven months on. Water levels are, unsurprisingly, very low but this means there is a lot of exposed muddy edge. I had a look and found three species of carabid there, one of which was new to me being the rather smart Bembidion illigeri (see photo below). The other two species were Elaphrus riparius and Bembidion articulatum. Plants are slowly starting to colonise and some water crowfoots are establishing. I am looking forward to seeing what develops there. My list is on 3348, with a trip to Rye Harbour planned for next week and a holiday in the New Forest, I expect it to go up a lot more in the near future. I have added over 50 beetles to my list since the start of April!

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