Venus in furze

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Sunday, 16 July 2017 09:45

Last week I stumbled across loads of this lovely little leaf beetle on young gorse at Beachy Head. I had no idea what it was at first, being a beetle I'd never heard off. That's what's so great about studying beetles. You keep seeing things that are a total surprise, even though I have seen 1145 species, that's only just over a quarter of all the UK species. Anyway, this is Calomicrus circumfusus and hasn't been seen in Sussex for 25 years. It's only the 5th county record which is odd as it eats gorse which is in plentiful supply. At Beachy Head it was quite restricted though, we didn't see it anywhere else except in that one patch.

I had another lifer for me, the tiny mirid bug Macrotylus paykulli which feeds on Restharrow. easy to find by sweeping large patches of the foodplant.

This gall is caused by the mite Aceria squalida and attacks the flower heads of Small Scabious.

We also saw a couple of Spring Dumble Dors (Trypocopris vernalis). Here and Seaford Head are still the only places I have ever seen this beetle. Never seen it in the spring however so I don't think the name is that good for identification. I've only seen this on chalk. You can just see the punctured pronotum which separates it from T. pyrenaeus which we get on the heaths at Iping and Stedham.

And a few Sermylassa halensis, common on the chalk but always nice to see.

Right, I'm off to Portugal for a week. Will I finally see a Roller!?

6666 the number of the beasts

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday, 8 July 2017 15:53

I'm two thirds of the way to seeing ten thousand species! Yesterday I went to Graffham Common with my old boss/new volunteer aculeate surveyor, James Power. As has been the way with Graffham Common this year, we were not dissapointed. The highlight for me was seeing SEVEN of these stonking longhorn beetles. I've only recorded Stictoleptura rubra once before a couple of years ago in Suffolk under fairly strange circumstances, so I was pleased to see six males and one female (the female is the big red one that looks a bit like a cardinal beetle). She was beaten of fallen pine foliage where all the males were nectaring on bramble or flying about. It's only the third Sussex record where the first was recorded in 2014 at Iping Common. We now have quite a list of interesting longhorns from Graffham Common over the years. 

Other highlights included this hand caught Golded-haired Robberfly Choerades marginatus.

We also recorded the nationally scarce spider Achaearanea riparia, the wasp Astata boops and one of the Epeolus. In fact Graffham's spider list is on 124 species, which make up 15% of everything recorded there. At 851 species we'll soon breach the 1000 mark for this amazing new nature reserve. The whole reserve network is hurtling towards the 10,000 species mark with 94 species added since I put it together earlier this year. There are only 114 species needed to get there, will it be this year or next year, who knows?!

Hot larvae

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Wednesday, 28 June 2017 18:46

Thanks to my school teacher Steve Cooper I got into moths and moth trapping around about age 13. So for the last two thirds of my life I've been moth-bothering, with the middle third involving a lot of moth trapping. The latter third however has been more concerned with recording moths in the field and this involves a lot more micros but also, moth larvae. There are quite a few generic green or brown moth larvae that are really not easy to identify, then there are quite a few that are much easier and really abundant such as Mottled Umber and Common Quaker etc. Larvae are really useful on invertebrate surveys as they show you the botanical associations of the species, as moth traps can suck moths in from off the site you're surveying. The only problem with learning moth larvae is you have to do everything twice, learn the adult and the larva. The other difficulty is that although there are some really common ones, many of them I've only ever seen once. Such as the Brindled Beauty above that we saw at Brickfield Meadow a couple of weeks ago. There is so much going on there!

This one turned out to be Cypress Carpet beat from an ornamental evergreen at a site in Worthing. Again only seen once.

This beauty is the Chamomile Shark swept from mayweed. Only ever seen this once.

This is the amazing looking Black Arches. A moth I've seen many times before, but this year I have seen the larvae twice. This was beaten off oak.

This one took a bit if time and help from Butterfly Conservation, it's Pale Eggar beaten from oak at Ebernoe. I like the repeating pattern of Boba Fett's helmet! Only seen this once.

And this odd little thing turned out to be a Brussel's Lace, beaten from an old Blackthorn covered in lichen at Seaford Head. I've seen loads of the moth, only ever seen the larva once. So get out there and beat some bushes and see what you can find.

Was this the best ever moth trap I've seen?!

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday, 24 June 2017 13:06

Last Thursday night, Alice put the MV Skinner trap out at Southerham and we recorded 95 species of moth (229 moths in all)! Five of these species were new to me and four were new to ALL Sussex Wildlife Trust reserves. This is remarkable as we have now recorded 1240 species on the reserves. We only started trapping at Southerham last year so many of these 95 species will be new to the site. I'm afraid I was a little carried away with the scarcer micro moths so I am afraid I forgot to photograph the three hawk moths that we had in the trap!

First up is Ethmia dodecea which I originally wrote down as Ethmia terminella - we had two of these last week and this is much more likely feeding on Viper's Bugloss. Ethmia dodecea feeds on Common Gromwell which as far as I know is not present on Southerham and Malling Down. However with that crazy heat we had, moths were dispersing all over the place. I haven't seen this moth since about 2004 and I'm glad we now have it on our reserves.

Then we had this Crescent Plume which I have seen at Benfield Country Park where I saw a similar amount of moths many years ago. It feeds on Restharrow which IS just up the hill from the office.

This Hollyhock Seed Moth is nationally scarce (Nb) and feeds on various types of mallows. These are in nearby gardens and hedgerows.

And finally Piniphila bifasciana which feeds on pine! No pine near Southerham! But that photo was too awful to be published. What's the largest number of species you've ever had in a single unattended MV trap? I'd love to know what the record is too!

Rue the day

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday, 22 June 2017 11:53

Mike Edwards and I completed the June invertebrate survey for Waltham yesterday, starting and finishing early due to the heat. So afterwards I stayed out and went and mapped some key plants. Thanks to the SxBRC I finally tracked down the Common Meadow-rue there, about 25 plants present, last recorded in 2011.

The last time Pink Water-speedwell was recorded was 1977, before I was born some 40 years ago. I soon noticed it was galled and it didn't take long to find an adult of the weevil that caused the galls, Gymnetron villosulum (a Nb species new to the reserve network).

We also had lots of Skullcap leaf Beetle, recorded new to the reserve by Dave and I in the 1000species challenge.

Plus hundreds of Crudosilus ruficollis, a wetland soldier beetle that can look quite like the much commoner Cantharis nigra until you take a closer look. This is flatter, glossier with more feathered-antennae and a pitted pronotum.

Full species list from last Saturday's 1000species challenge!

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday, 17 June 2017 11:19

...1035! So it's took me a week to get around to typing up the list (this week has been hectic due to all this glorious high pressure). The final score has dropped a little and comes out at 1035. So, some logistics: overall we walked 14.2 miles, drove 63.9 miles, recorded a species every 1 minute and 13 seconds and had a bloody good laugh! We recorded four species new to the reserve network including the Welsh Oak Longhorn Beetle below and many many species new to that particular reserve but this needs more work and deserves a blog of its own. We have raised £906 (plus gift aid) which is fantastic and we are so grateful for the support we have had from 67 different people! Thank you so much!

I was surprised to see we didn't really tail off ALL DAY except after we hit 1000 and became a little more casual around the moth traps at Burton Pond.

And here is the break down of what we saw. Plants made up over a third of everything we saw at 424 species. Followed by beetles at 116 and moths at 113. Overall we recorded 460 species of invertebrate. What we didn't see was pretty interesting. You may have noticed we took a risk by avoiding the coastal plain entirely, so no wonder we are missing so many water birds. However, we didn't see: Fox, Speckled Wood, any of the three white butterflies or a Silver-Y. Big soldier beetles were thing on the ground too.

I wish there were more hours in the day but I have to go and count Field Crickets now. So i am sorry this is yet again a little rushed and there are likely to be many typos in the following list. I've taken a few things off I wasn't happy with, added a few things on that we didn't write down and the rest is down to over vigorous clicking of the counter. I give you the full 1035 species! Watch this space for a review of the rarer things we found on our travels. The number is the order in which each species was seen. We used a clicker to jeep track of this. 

Aculeates Ammophila sabulosa 822
Aculeates Bombus hypnorum 823
Aculeates Bombus lapidarius 598
Aculeates Bombus pascuroum 595
Aculeates Bombus vestalis 744
Aculeates Formica fusca 754
Aculeates Honey Bee 658
Aculeates Hornet 256
Aculeates Lasius brunneus 95
Aculeates Lasius flavus 35
Aculeates Lasius niger 629
Aculeates Lasius platythorax 431
Aculeates Myrmica ruginodis 412
Aculeates Myrmica scabrinodis 973
Aculeates Myrmicina graminicola 972
Aculeates Oak Apple Gall 562
Aculeates Red Wood Ant 769
Aculeates Robin's Pin Cushion 969
Aculeates Slave-making Ant 755
Aculeates Vespula vulgaris 879
Amphibian Common Frog 141
Beetles 14-spot Ladybird 639
Beetles 16-spot Ladybird 548
Beetles 24-spot Ladybird 706
Beetles 7-spot Ladybird 839
Beetles Abax parallelepipedus 142
Beetles Agrilus angustulus 1048
Beetles Agriotes acuminatus 1025
Beetles Agriotes obscurus 576
Beetles Agriotes pallidulus 438
Beetles Agrypnus murinus 952
Beetles Ampedus balteatus 795
Beetles Anaspis maculata 273
Beetles Anthonomus pedicularis 419
Beetles Aphodius fossor 756
Beetles Aphthona nonstriata 705
Beetles Archarius pyrrhoceras 401
Beetles Athous bicolor 904
Beetles Athous haemorrhoidalis 410
Beetles Brown Chafer 1027
Beetles Bruchus loti 477
Beetles Byrrhus pilula 1024
Beetles Caladromius spilotus 981
Beetles Cantharis cryptica 400
Beetles Cantharis decipiens 558
Beetles Cantharis lateralis 534
Beetles Cantharis livida 417
Beetles Cantharis nigra 421
Beetles Carabus violaceus 100
Beetles Cassida rubiginosa 874
Beetles Cassida vibex 476
Beetles Cerylon histeroides 444
Beetles Chrysolina polita 989
Beetles Cionus alauda 853
Beetles Cionus tuberculosus 686
Beetles Coccidula rufa 697
Beetles Cockchafer 1035
Beetles Conopalpus testaceus 430
Beetles Cordylepherus viridis 915
Beetles Cryptocephalus aureolus 924
Beetles Cryptocephalus labiatus 790
Beetles Demetrias monostigma 1009
Beetles Denticollis linearis 314
Beetles Deporaus betulae 760
Beetles Dog's Mercury Flea Beetle 886
Beetles Donacia marginata 635
Beetles Dorcus parallelipipidus 692
Beetles Drilus flavescens 1000
Beetles Drusilla canaliculata 971
Beetles Exapion ulicis 405
Beetles Garden Chafer 847
Beetles Glow-worm 1028
Beetles Grammoptera ruficornis 992
Beetles Green Tiger Beetle 848
Beetles Haliplus ruficollis 594
Beetles Harlequin Ladybird 472
Beetles Heather Beetle 784
Beetles Hemicrepidius hirtus 763
Beetles Hydroporus palustris 617
Beetles Isomira murina 723
Beetles Kidney-spot Ladybird 599
Beetles Leiopus nebulosus/linnei 449
Beetles Leistus ferrugineus 691
Beetles Luperus longicornis 787
Beetles Malachite Beetle 420
Beetles Malthinus flaveolus 305
Beetles Malthinus seriepunctatus 388
Beetles Malthodes marginatus 368
Beetles Meligethes aeneus 478
Beetles Micrellus ericae 781
Beetles Mordellochroa abdominalis 990
Beetles Mycetophagus quadripustulatus 443
Beetles Nalassus laevioctostriatus 313
Beetles Nedyus quadrimaculatus 699
Beetles Neocrepidodera transversa 577
Beetles Nevria brevicollis 321
Beetles Noterus clavicornis 627
Beetles Oedemera lurida 206
Beetles Oedemera nobilis 575
Beetles Ontholestes murinus 866
Beetles Oodes helopioides 696
Beetles Orange Ladybird 298
Beetles Orchestes quercus 369
Beetles Orchid Beetle 894
Beetles Otiorhynchus singularis 832
Beetles Paederus littoralis 880
Beetles Paederus riparius 613
Beetles Paradromius linearis 982
Beetles Phyllobius pomaceus 543
Beetles Pine Ladybird 838
Beetles Plateumaris discolor 1010
Beetles Platynus assimilis 143
Beetles Platyrhinus resinosus 959
Beetles Pterostichus diligens 701
Beetles Pterostichus madidus 961
Beetles Pycnomerus fuliginosus 445
Beetles Red-headed Cardinal Beetle 943
Beetles Rhagonycha lignosa 300
Beetles Rhagonycha limbata 367
Beetles Rhagonycha lutea 249
Beetles Rhincoerus Beetle 976
Beetles Rhinoncus pericarpius 684
Beetles Scaphidium quadrimaculatum 957
Beetles Silpha atrata 1025
Beetles Sitona lepidus 602
Beetles Sitona lineatus 535
Beetles Skullcap Leaf Beetle 698
Beetles Stenogostus rhombeus 446
Beetles Stenurella melanura 745
Beetles Strophosoma melanogrammum 325
Beetles Tachyporus hypnorum 995
Beetles Tychius picirostris 603
Beetles Variable Longhorn Beetle 951
Beetles Vincenzellus ruficollis 960
Beetles Vine Weevil 955
Beetles Welsh Chafer 683
Beetles Welsh Oak Longhorn Beetle 326
Birds Blackbird 207
Birds Blackcap 362
Birds Black-headed Gull 648
Birds Blue Tit 392
Birds Bullfinch 402
Birds Buzzard 570
Birds Carrion Crow 377
Birds Cetti's Warbler 670
Birds Chaffinch 464
Birds Chiffchaff 379
Birds Coal Tit 398
Birds Collared Dove 655
Birds Coot 735
Birds Cuckoo 569
Birds Dunnock 389
Birds Feral Pigeon 678
Birds Firecrest 482
Birds Goldcrest 327
Birds Goldfinch 378
Birds Great Spotted Woodpecker 403
Birds Great Tit 380
Birds Great Tit 380
Birds Green Woodpecker 403
Birds Greenfinch 649
Birds Grey Wagtail 730
Birds Herring Gull 628
Birds House Martin 474
Birds House Sparrow 492
Birds Jackdaw 375
Birds Jay 383
Birds Kestrel 646
Birds Lapwing 522
Birds Lesser Whitethroat 465
Birds Linnet 536
Birds Long-tailed Tit 429
Birds Magpie 484
Birds Mallard 675
Birds Marsh Tit 393
Birds Meadow Pipit 578
Birds Mistle Thrush 828
Birds Moorhen 165
Birds Mute Swan 625
Birds Nightingale 195
Birds Nuthatch 397
Birds Pheasant 382
Birds Pied Wagtail 471
Birds Reed Bunting 540
Birds Reed Warbler 734
Birds Robin 212
Birds Rook 509
Birds Sedge Warbler 676
Birds Siskin 776
Birds Skylark 459
Birds Song Thrush 315
Birds Spotted Flycatcher 329
Birds Starling 493
Birds Stock Dove 381
Birds Swallow 508
Birds Swift 671
Birds Tawny Owl 286
Birds Tree Pipit 789
Birds Treecreeper 396
Birds Turtle Dove 424
Birds Whitethroat 395
Birds Willow Warbler 563
Birds Wood Pigeon 77
Birds Woodcock 309
Birds Wren 353
Birds Yellowhammer 565
Bryophytes Atrichum undulatum 58
Bryophytes Bracythecium rutabulum 173
Bryophytes Calliergonella cuspidata 29
Bryophytes Campylopus introflexus 749
Bryophytes Conocephalum conicum 1052
Bryophytes Dicranoweisia cirrata 244
Bryophytes Dicranum majus 345
Bryophytes Dicranum scoparium 336
Bryophytes Eurhynchium praelongum 94
Bryophytes Eurhynchium striatum 130
Bryophytes Fairy Beads 65
Bryophytes Frullania dilatata 64
Bryophytes Homalothecium sericeum 240
Bryophytes Hypnum andoi 84
Bryophytes Hypnum jutlandicum 335
Bryophytes Isothecium alopecuroides 331
Bryophytes Isothecium myosuroides 85
Bryophytes Leucobryum juniperoides 346
Bryophytes Metzgeria furcata 63
Bryophytes Mnium hornum 238
Bryophytes Plagiochila porelloides 236
Bryophytes Plagiomnium undulatum 145
Bryophytes Pleurhozium schreberi 339
Bryophytes Polytrichum commune 817
Bryophytes Polytrichum formosum 160
Bryophytes Polytrichum juniperinum 334
Bryophytes Pseudoscelopodrum purum 26
Bryophytes Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans 89
Bryophytes Rhytidiadelphus loreus 338
Bryophytes Rytidiadelphus squarrosus 166
Bryophytes Sphagnum capillifolium 798
Bryophytes Sphagnum compactum 803
Bryophytes Sphagnum cuspidatum 1053
Bryophytes Sphagnum fallax 751
Bryophytes Sphagnum palustre 800
Bryophytes Sphagnum subnitens 1054
Bryophytes Thamnobryum alopecurum 146
Bryophytes Thuidium tamariscinum 337
Bryophytes Zygodon viridissimus 349
Bugs Anthocoris nemorum 727
Bugs Aphrophora alni 370
Bugs Birch Shieldbug 413
Bugs Blue Shieldbug 841
Bugs Calocoris roseomaculatus 985
Bugs Capsus ater 589
Bugs Charagochilus gyllenhalii 902
Bugs Closterotomus fulvomaculatus 1046
Bugs Closterotomus norwegicus 467
Bugs Cymus claviculus 601
Bugs Cymus melanocepahlus 1055
Bugs Deraeocoris lutescens 937
Bugs Ditropis pteridis 440
Bugs Dock Bug 689
Bugs Evacanthus interuptus 903
Bugs Forest Bug 81
Bugs Gastrodes grossipes 802
Bugs Gorse Shieldbug 840
Bugs Green Shieldbug 762
Bugs Grypocoris stysi 871
Bugs Hawthorn Shieldbug 950
Bugs Heterogaster urticae 546
Bugs Juniper Shieldbug 970
Bugs Kleidocerys ericae 827
Bugs Kleidocerys resedae 759
Bugs Leptopterna dolobrata 233
Bugs Leptopterna ferrugata 914
Bugs Liocoris tripustulatus 547
Bugs Macrodema micropterum 783
Bugs Miris striatus 385
Bugs Nabis ericae 788
Bugs Nabis flavomarginalis 720
Bugs Neolygus contaminatus 439
Bugs Notostira elongata 722
Bugs Orthotylus marginalis 408
Bugs Philaenus spumarius 36
Bugs Phylus melanocephalus 422
Bugs Phytocoris dimidiatus 437
Bugs Pithanus maerkelii 710
Bugs Polymerus nigra 481
Bugs Polymerus unifasciatus 903
Bugs Rhyparochromus pini 806
Bugs Saucer Bug 592
Bugs Stenocranus minutus 905
Bugs Stenodema calcarata 794
Bugs Stenodema laevigata 935
Bugs Stenotus binotatus 721
Bugs Teratocoris antennatus 700
Bugs Tingis cardui 579
Bugs Ulopa reticulata 761
Bugs Velia caprai 150
Butterflies Brimstone 766
Butterflies Common Blue 703
Butterflies Dingy Skipper 940
Butterflies Grizzled Skipper 941
Butterflies Large Skipper 574
Butterflies Meadow Brown 475
Butterflies Orange-tip 175
Butterflies Red Admiral 566
Butterflies Small Heath 893
Butterflies Small Tortoishell 552
Caddisflies Mystacides longicornis 1036
Centipedes Lithobius forficatus 835
Centipedes Lithobius variegatus 76
Cockroach Duscky Cockroach 709
Crickets Bog Bush-cricket 829
Crickets Common Green Grasshopper 898
Crickets Common Ground-hopper 748
Crickets Dark Bush-cricket 757
Crickets Field Cricket 1006
Crickets Field Grasshopper 916
Crickets Long-winged Cone-head 557
Crickets Meadow Grasshopper 638
Crickets Oak Bush-cricket 372
Crickets Roesel's Bush-cricket 616
Crickets Slender Groundhopper 624
Crickets Speckled Bush-cricket 404
Crickets Stripe-winged Grasshopper 908
Crustaceans Armadillidium vulgare 883
Crustaceans Asellus aquaticus 584
Crustaceans Oniscus asellus 44
Crustaceans Philoscia muscorum 97
Crustaceans Platyarthrus hoffmannseggii 693
Crustaceans Porcellio scaber 96
Crustaceans Trichomiscus pusillus agg. 432
Dragonflies Azure Damselfly 473
Dragonflies Banded Demoiselle 559
Dragonflies Black-tailed Skimmer 732
Dragonflies Blue-tailed Damselfy 526
Dragonflies Common Blue Damselfly 428
Dragonflies Common Emerald Damselfly 643
Dragonflies Four-spotted Chaser 620
Dragonflies Golden-ringed Dragonfly 793
Dragonflies Large Red Damselfly 779
Earwigs Common Earwig 415
Fish Three-spined Stickleback 590
Flatworm Polycelis nigra 618
Flies Bacha elongata 941
Flies Chloromyia formosa 479
Flies Chrysopilus cristatus 466
Flies Chrysotoxum festivum 704
Flies Empis tessellata 418
Flies Epiphragma ocellaris 347
Flies Episyrphus balteatus 954
Flies Eristalis tenax 947
Flies Haematopta pluvialis 411
Flies Helophilus pendulus 644
Flies Jaapiella veronicae 890
Flies Leparthrus brevirostris 895
Flies Leptogaster cylindrica 468
Flies Leucozona lucorum 645
Flies Limonia nubeculosa 996
Flies Mesembrina meridiana 834
Flies Myathropa florea 826
Flies Pachygaster atra 724
Flies Phytomyza ilicis 78
Flies Platycheirus rosarum 740
Flies Rhagio scolopaceus 623
Flies Rhagio triangarius 939
Flies Scathophaga stercoraia 265
Flies Syrphus ribesii 544
Flies Taxomyia taxi 1047
Flies Tropidia scita 739
Flies Vollucella pelluscens 820
Flies Volucella bombylans 821
Fungi Beech Woodwart 447
Fungi Black Bulgar 329
Fungi Blackfoot Polypore 442
Fungi Deadman's Fingers 965
Fungi Hairy Curtain Crust 448
Fungi Jelly Ear 956
Fungi King Alferd's Cakes 174
Fungi Lumpy Bracket 441
Fungi Maple Whitewash 140
Fungi Oyster Mushroom 324
Fungi Snakeskin Grisette 737
Fungi Spindle Tough Shank 179
Fungi Stinkhorn 376
Fungi Tawny Grisette 221
Fungi Turkeytail 354
Lacewings Chrysopa perla 801
Lacewings Chrysoperla carnea 262
Lichens Baccidia incompta 344
Lichens Barnacle Lichen 359
Lichens Cladonia portentosa 791
Lichens Enterographa crassa 357
Lichens Evernia prunastri 43
Lichens Graphys elegans 352
Lichens Graphys scripta 82
Lichens Lecanactis abiatina 356
Lichens Pertusaria hymenea 350
Lichens Pertusaria pustulata 351
Lichens Perusaria pertusa 353
Lichens Ramalina farinacea 42
Lichens Ramalina fastigiata 458
Lichens Schismatomma quercicola 358
Lichens Xanthoria parietina 457
Mammals Badger 209
Mammals Grey Squirrel 435
Mammals Human 1
Mammals Mole 252
Mammals Muntjac 743
Mammals Rabbit 200
Mammals Roe Deer 434
Millipedes Glomeris marginatus 59
Millipedes Proteroiulus fuscus 977
Millipedes Tachypodoiulus niger 967
Molluscs Aegopinella nitidula 323
Molluscs Anisus vortex 585
Molluscs Arion subfuscus 123
Molluscs Balea heydeni 962
Molluscs Bithynia tentaculata 587
Molluscs Cepaeae nemoralis 111
Molluscs Cepeaea hortensis 872
Molluscs Cernuella virgata 933
Molluscs Clausilia bidentata 243
Molluscs Cochlodina laminata 155
Molluscs Cornu aspersum 968
Molluscs Derocerus reticulatum 610
Molluscs Discus rotundatum 322
Molluscs Helicigona lapicida 248
Molluscs Lehmannia marginata 90
Molluscs Limax cineroniger 332
Molluscs Limax maximus 79
Molluscs Monacha cantiana 521
Molluscs Oxyloma elegans 1033
Molluscs Physa fontinalis 1051
Molluscs Planornis carinatus 588
Molluscs Planornis planornis 632
Molluscs Pomatias elegans 921
Molluscs Radix balthica 593
Molluscs Succinea putris 542
Molluscs Trochulus hispidus 918
Moths Agapeta hamana 185
Moths Aleimma loeflingiana 276
Moths Ancylis uncella 854
Moths Archips podana 278
Moths Archips xylosteana 279
Moths Argyresthia conjugella 302
Moths Barred Yellow 127
Moths Beauitiful Yellow Underwing 773
Moths Beautiful Hook-tip 271
Moths Black Arches 348
Moths Blood-vein 190
Moths Blotched Emerald 254
Moths Brimstone Moth 257
Moths Brown China-mark 640
Moths Brown Plume 978
Moths Brown Silver-line 161
Moths Buff Ermine 268
Moths Buff-tip 275
Moths Celypha lacunana 157
Moths Chrysoteuchia culmella 204
Moths Cinnabar 948
Moths Clay Triple-lines 381
Moths Clouded Border 255
Moths Coleophora pyrrhulipennella 851
Moths Common Carpet 430
Moths Common Heath 767
Moths Common Marbled Carpet 202
Moths Common Quaker 409
Moths Common Swift 261
Moths Common Wave 253
Moths Common White Wave 73
Moths Crambus lathoniellus 295
Moths Crambus pascuella 192
Moths Crambus perlella 702
Moths Crambus uliginosellus 1011
Moths Delplanqueia dilutella 1001
Moths Dentated Pug 1017
Moths Depressia daucella 469
Moths Donacaula mucronella 1031
Moths Drinker 198
Moths Dusky Brocade 741
Moths Eidophasia messingiella 1044
Moths Elephant Hawk-moth 1037
Moths Endotrichia flammealis 1045
Moths Epinotia bilunana 280
Moths Flame Sholuder 1030
Moths Glyphipterix thrasonella 414
Moths Gold Swift 1016
Moths Grass Wave 770
Moths Great Oak Beauty 260
Moths Green Oak Tortrix 67
Moths Green Pug 301
Moths Heart and Dart 1032
Moths Hedya pruniana 283
Moths Helcystogramma rufescens 980
Moths Ingrailed Clay 274
Moths July Highflyer 270
Moths Lackey 292
Moths Large Yellow Underwing 290
Moths Light Emerald 99
Moths Lobster Moth 1039
Moths Maiden's Blush 266
Moths Marbled Brown 272
Moths Marbled Minor agg. 267
Moths Marbled White-spot 293
Moths Merveilla du Jour 330
Moths Minor Shoulder-knot 391
Moths Mottled Beauty 83
Moths Nematopogon swammerdamella 281
Moths Nettle-tap 998
Moths Notocelia rosaecolana 284
Moths Oak Eggar 824
Moths Orange Footman 294
Moths Orange Moth 386
Moths Pale Oak Beauty 258
Moths Pale Prominent 1041
Moths Pale Tussock 263
Moths Pandemis corylana 277
Moths Peach Blossom 287
Moths Peacock Moth 284
Moths Pempelia palumbella 796
Moths Pine Beauty 836
Moths Poplar Hawk-moth 291
Moths Prays fraxinella 303
Moths Pseudargyrotoza conwagana 994
Moths Psyche catsta 217
Moths Pyrausta despicata 934
Moths Red Sword-grass 780
Moths Rhopobota myrtillana 833
Moths Ringed China-mark 1040
Moths Rustic Shoulder-knot 1021
Moths Scorched Wing 259
Moths Sholder-striped Wainscot 296
Moths Small Angle Shades 1029
Moths Small China-mark 622
Moths Small Elephant Hawk-moth 1019
Moths Small Fan-foot 282
Moths Small Phoenix 269
Moths Small Seraphim 1043
Moths Small Sqaure-spot 297
Moths Snout 1023
Moths Stigmella aurella 399
Moths Straw Dot 18
Moths Taleporia tubulosa 239
Moths Treble Brown-spot 289
Moths Udea olivalis 264
Moths Vapourer 307
Moths Water Ermine 608
Moths Water Veneer 1038
Moths White Ermine 1042
Moths Willow Beauty 299
Moths Wood Carpet 999
Moths Yellow Shell 938
Plants Agrimony 182
Plants Alder 149
Plants Alder Buckthorn 825
Plants American Willowherb 813
Plants Amphibious Bistort 537
Plants Annual Meadow-grass 101
Plants Arrowhead 555
Plants Ash 6
Plants Aspen 158
Plants Barren Brome 654
Plants Barren Strawberry 222
Plants Beech 75
Plants Bell Heather 818
Plants Betony 366
Plants Bilberry 830
Plants Bird's-foot 1012
Plants Bird's-foot Trefoil 198
Plants Bird's-nest Orchid 133
Plants Bittersweet 642
Plants Bitter-vetch 125
Plants Black Bindweed 889
Plants Black Bryony 61
Plants Black Horehound 714
Plants Black Medick 560
Plants Blackthorn 45
Plants Bladder Campion 870
Plants Blubell 87
Plants Blue Water Speedwell 736
Plants Bog Pondweed 1014
Plants Bog Stitchwort 672
Plants Bogbean 1013
Plants Bracken 3
Plants Bramble agg. 4
Plants Branched Bur-reed 532
Plants Bristly Ox-tongue 225
Plants Broad Buckler-fern 72
Plants Broad-leaved Dock 528
Plants Broad-leaved Helleborine 462
Plants Broad-leaved Pondweed 554
Plants Broad-leaved Willowherb 247
Plants Broom 162
Plants Brown Bent 341
Plants Brown Sedge 688
Plants Buckthorn 647
Plants Bugle 112
Plants Bulbous Buttercup 983
Plants Bulbous Rush 452
Plants Bulrush 605
Plants Burnet-saxifrage 906
Plants Bush Vetch 241
Plants Butcher's Broom 98
Plants Butterfly-bush 487
Plants Carline Thistle 922
Plants Carnation Sedge 846
Plants Cat's-ear 118
Plants Changing Forget-me-not 117
Plants Charlock 669
Plants Cherry-laurel 497
Plants Cleavers 47
Plants Clelery-leaved Buttercup 626
Plants Clustered Dock 205
Plants Cock's-foot 53
Plants Common Bent 34
Plants Common Centaury 197
Plants Common Chickweed 460
Plants Common Comfrey 713
Plants Common Cotton-sedge 1007
Plants Common Duckweed 318
Plants Common Field-speedwell 665
Plants Common Figwort 244
Plants Common Fleabane 186
Plants Common Fumitory 884
Plants Common Gromwell 989
Plants Common Hemp-nettle 708
Plants Common Knapweed 28
Plants Common Mallow 519
Plants Common Milkwort 208
Plants Common Mouse-ear 116
Plants Common Nettle 56
Plants Common Orache 717
Plants Common Poppy 503
Plants Common Ragwort 31
Plants Common Reed 564
Plants Common Rockrose 931
Plants Common Sorrel 13
Plants Common Spotted-orchid 23
Plants Common Twayblade 250
Plants Common Valerian 153
Plants Common Vetch 33
Plants Compact Rush 427
Plants Cotoneaster horizontalis 986
Plants Cow Parsley 138
Plants Cowbane 731
Plants Cowslip 364
Plants Crab Apple 416
Plants Crack Willo 499
Plants Cranberry 1008
Plants Creeping Bent 188
Plants Creeping Buttercup 30
Plants Creeping Cinquefoil 193
Plants Creeping Jenny 531
Plants Creeping Thistle 525
Plants Crested Dog's-tail 120
Plants Crested Hair-grass 945
Plants Cross-leaved Heath 746
Plants Crosswort 869
Plants Cuckooflower 148
Plants Curled Dock 527
Plants Curled Pondweed 631
Plants Cut-leaved Cransebill 582
Plants Cyperus Sedge 596
Plants Daisy 498
Plants Dandelion 172
Plants Deadly Nightshade 963
Plants Devil's-bit Scabious 365
Plants Dog Rose 60
Plants Dog's Mercury 137
Plants Dogwood 923
Plants Dotted Loosestrife 511
Plants Dove's-foot Cranesbill 715
Plants Downy Birch 374
Plants Dwarf Mallow 718
Plants Dwarf Spurge 875
Plants Dwarf Thistle 929
Plants Early Har-grass 808
Plants Early Purple Orchid 177
Plants Elder 66
Plants Enchanter's Nightshade 57
Plants English Elm 316
Plants Eyebright 920
Plants Fairy Flax 913
Plants False Fox Sege 672
Plants False Oat-grass 453
Plants False-brome 46
Plants Fat Hen 667
Plants Fennel 657
Plants Field Bindweed 660
Plants Field Forget-me-not 227
Plants Field Horsetail 134
Plants Field Madder 662
Plants Field Maple 68
Plants Field Pansy 876
Plants Field Scabious 953
Plants Field Wood-rush 1050
Plants Field-rose 50
Plants Fig-leaved Goosefoot 885
Plants Fine-leaved Sheep's Fescue 811
Plants Fine-leaved Water-plantain 634
Plants Floating Sweet-grass 317
Plants Fool's Parsley 881
Plants Fool's Water-cress 864
Plants Foxglove 46
Plants Fragrant Arimony 122
Plants Frogbit 539
Plants Garden Asparagus 651
Plants Garlic Mustard 135
Plants Germander Speedwell 110
Plants Gipsywort 229
Plants Glaucous Sedge 361
Plants Goat's-beard 656
Plants Goldenrod 169
Plants Goldilocks Buttercup 144
Plants Gorse 17
Plants Great Knapweed 997
Plants Great Mullein 988
Plants Great Plantain 105
Plants Great Quaking-grass 861
Plants Great Stitchwort 48
Plants Great Willowherb 525
Plants Greater Bird's-foot Trefoil 14
Plants Greater Burdock 154
Plants Greater Butterfly Orchid 228
Plants Greater Celandine 489
Plants Greater Duckweed 604
Plants Greater Periwnkle 136
Plants Greater Tussock-sedge 619
Plants Green Alkanet 518
Plants Grey Sedge 121
Plants Grey Willow 15
Plants Ground Elder 495
Plants Ground-ivy 235
Plants Groundsel 809
Plants Guelder-rose 126
Plants Hair-like Pondweed 580
Plants Hairy Bitter-cress 245
Plants Hairy Sedge 681
Plants Hairy St. John's-wort 232
Plants Hairy Violet 900
Plants Hairy-brome 218
Plants Hard Fern 167
Plants Hard Rush 596
Plants Hard Shield Fern 237
Plants Hare's-tail Cotton-grass 778
Plants Hart's-tongue Fern 176
Plants Hawthorn 10
Plants Hazel 55
Plants Heath Bedstraw 32
Plants Heath Milkwort 164
Plants Heath Rush 797
Plants Heath Speedwell 199
Plants Heath Wood-rush 38
Plants Heather 156
Plants Heath-grass 163
Plants Hedge Bedstraw 888
Plants Hedge Mustard 716
Plants Hedge Woundwort 108
Plants Hemlock Water-dropwort 152
Plants Hemp-agrimony 515
Plants Herb Bennt 52
Plants Herb Robert 107
Plants Himalayan Balsam 506
Plants Hoary Plantain 932
Plants Hoary Ragwort 180
Plants Hoary Willowherb 815
Plants Hogweed 246
Plants Holly 69
Plants Hollyhock 513
Plants Honesty 520
Plants Honeysuckle 2
Plants Hop 494
Plants Horse-chestnut 483
Plants Ivy 91
Plants Ivy-leaved Duckweed 1049
Plants Ivy-leaved Toadflax 485
Plants Juniper 867
Plants Kidney Vetch 984
Plants Knotgrass 550
Plants Lady's Bedstraw 889
Plants Large Bindweed 738
Plants Large-flowered Evening Primrose 726
Plants Lemon-scented Fern 360
Plants Lesser Periwinkle 659
Plants Lesser Reedmace 1015
Plants Lesser Spearwort 39
Plants Lesser Stitchwort 19
Plants Lesser Swine-cress 663
Plants LesserTrefoil 114
Plants Lords & Ladies 151
Plants Male Fern 129
Plants Marsh Bedstraw 25
Plants Marsh Foxtail 470
Plants Marsh Horsetail 184
Plants Marsh Marigold 615
Plants Marsh Pennywort 752
Plants Marsh Ragwort 20
Plants Marsh Ragwort 633
Plants Marsh Sticthwort 614
Plants Meadow Barley 189
Plants Meadow Brome 215
Plants Meadow Buttercup 23
Plants Meadow Cranesbill 859
Plants Meadow Fescue 213
Plants Meadow Foxtail 187
Plants Meadow Oat-grass 946
Plants Meadow Vetchling 181
Plants Meadowsweet 538
Plants Mexican Fleabane 491
Plants Monkeyflower 860
Plants Montbretia 863
Plants Mouse-ear Hawkweed 925
Plants Mugwort 510
Plants Musk Mallow 1004
Plants Narrow-leaved Water-plantain 630
Plants Nettle-leaved Bellflower 991
Plants Nipplewort 62
Plants Norway Maple 502
Plants Nuttal's Waterweed 581
Plants Oblong-leaved Sundew 771
Plants Opium Poppy 653
Plants Oval Sedge 22
Plants Oxeye Daisy 183
Plants Pedunculate Oak 5
Plants Pelitory-of-the-wall 512
Plants Pencilled Cransebill 862
Plants Pepper-saxifrage 191
Plants Perennial Rye-grass 119
Plants Perennial Sow-thistle 652
Plants Perforate St. John's-wort 223
Plants Petty Spurge 650
Plants Pignut 214
Plants Pill Sedge 170
Plants Pineapple Weed 549
Plants Ploughman's Spikenard 764
Plants Polypody 490
Plants Prickly Lettuce 1005
Plants Prickly Sow-thistle 544
Plants Primrose 132
Plants Procumbent Pearlwort 747
Plants Purple Moor-grass 340
Plants Purple Toadflax 496
Plants Pyramidal Orchid 501
Plants Quaking grass 910
Plants Ragged Robin 11
Plants Red Bartsia 899
Plants Red Campion 363
Plants Red Clover 27
Plants Red Fescue 451
Plants Red Valerian 488
Plants Redshank 611
Plants Reed Canary-grass 505
Plants Reed Sweet-grass 621
Plants Reedmace 541
Plants Remote Sedge 54
Plants Restharrow 211
Plants Rhododendron 729
Plants Ribwort Plantain 129
Plants Rosebay Willowherb 694
Plants Rough Hawkbit 196
Plants Rough Meadow-grass 16
Plants Round-leaved Fluellen 882
Plants Round-leaved Sundew 843
Plants Rowan 168
Plants Salad Burnet 901
Plants Sanicle 71
Plants Scarlet Pimpernel 661
Plants Scented Mayweed 664
Plants Scots Pine 607
Plants Selfheal 21
Plants Sharp-flowered Rush 423
Plants Sharp-leaved Fluellen 878
Plants Sharp-leaved Pondweed 583
Plants Sheep's Fescue 201
Plants Sheep's Sorrel 685
Plants Shepherd's Purse 551
Plants Silver Birch 41
Plants Silverweed 523
Plants Skullcap 649
Plants Slender Rush 106
Plants Slender St. John's-wort 159
Plants Slender Trefoil 455
Plants Slender Tufted Sedge 572
Plants Small Balsam 812
Plants Small Timothy 919
Plants Small Toadflax 877
Plants Small-flowered Cranesbill 719
Plants Small-flowered Sweet Briar 203
Plants Smooth Sow-thistle 230
Plants Smooth Tare 343
Plants Soft Brome 682
Plants Soft Rush 12
Plants Southern Marsh-orchid 707
Plants Southern Wood-rush 131
Plants Spear Thistle 530
Plants Spiked Sedge 115
Plants Spindle 892
Plants Spring Sedge 926
Plants Squinancyworty 930
Plants Star Sedge 792
Plants Sticky Mouse-ear 816
Plants Stinking Iris 979
Plants Sweet Chestnut 668
Plants Sweet Vernal Grass 24
Plants Sycamore 461
Plants Tall Fescue 454
Plants Tansy 567
Plants Teasel 226
Plants Thin-spiked Wood Sedge 139
Plants Thyme-leaved Speedwell 102
Plants Timothy 571
Plants Toad Rush 673
Plants Tormentil 8
Plants Trailing Bellflower 504
Plants Traveller's Joy 891
Plants True Fox Sedge 641
Plants Tufted Forget-me-not 609
Plants Tufted Hair-grass 49
Plants Tufted Vetch 231
Plants Turkey Oak 7
Plants Tutsan 814
Plants Upright Brome 907
Plants Upright Hedge-parsley 527
Plants Velevt Bent 384
Plants Wall Barley 517
Plants Wall Speedwell 104
Plants Wall-rue 725
Plants Walnut 944
Plants Water Dock 573
Plants Water Figwort 687
Plants Water Forget-me-not 533
Plants Water Horestail 556
Plants Water Mint 242
Plants Water-cress 865
Plants Water-pepper 93
Plants Water-plantain 606
Plants Wavy Bitter-cress 742
Plants Wavy Hair-grass 852
Plants Wayfaring-tree 966
Plants Western Hemlock 768
Plants White Bryony 666
Plants White Campion 507
Plants White Clover 113
Plants White Comfrey 516
Plants White Dead-nettle 500
Plants Whitebeam 868
Plants Whorl-grass 695
Plants Wild Angelica 124
Plants Wild Cherry 456
Plants Wild Marjoram 896
Plants Wild Parsnip 887
Plants Wild Privet 873
Plants Wild Service-tree 109
Plants Wild Strawberry 158
Plants Wild Thyme 917
Plants Wilson's Honeysuckle 463
Plants Winter Heliotrope 486
Plants Wood Anemone 219
Plants Wood Dock 51
Plants Wood Mellick 92
Plants Wood Millet 178
Plants Wood Sage 373
Plants Wood Sedge 70
Plants Wood Sorrel 147
Plants Wood Speedwell 103
Plants Yarrow 212
Plants Yellow Chorydalis 514
Plants Yellow Iris 319
Plants Yellow Loosestrife 561
Plants Yellow Oat-grass 911
Plants Yellow Pimpernel 251
Plants Yellow Water-lilly 733
Plants Yellow-rattle 807
Plants Yew 80
Plants Yorkshire Fog 9
Plants Zigzag Clover 210
Reptiles Common Lizard 680
Reptiles Slow Worm 964
Scorpion fly Panorpa germanica 993
Slime Moulds Dog's Vomit 355
Slime Moulds Wolf's Milk 304
Spiders Agelena labyrinthica 671
Spiders Amaurobius fenestralis 320
Spiders Araneus angulatus 750
Spiders Araneus diadematus 844
Spiders Araneus quadratus 690
Spiders Arctosa leopardus 810
Spiders Arctosa perita 804
Spiders Ballus chalybeius 450
Spiders Diaea dorsata 306
Spiders Dictyna arundinacea 837
Spiders Dipoena tristis 857
Spiders Episinus maculipes 234
Spiders Euophrys frontalis 712
Spiders Evarcha arcuata 774
Spiders Evarcha falcata 845
Spiders Gibbaranea gibbosa 111
Spiders Harpactea hombergi 171
Spiders Lariniodes cornutus 600
Spiders Lathys humilis 974
Spiders Mangora acalypha 480
Spiders Marpissa muscosa 949
Spiders Metellina mengei 74
Spiders Metellina merianae 88
Spiders Micaria pulicaria 786
Spiders Misumena vatia 637
Spiders Neon reticulatus 782
Spiders Neoscona adianta 927
Spiders Neottiura bimaculata 975
Spiders Nuctenea umbratica 216
Spiders Paidiscura pallens 310
Spiders Parasteatoda lunata 858
Spiders Pardosa saltans 758
Spiders Philodromus albidus 407
Spiders Phylloneta sisyphia 406
Spiders Pirata latitans 799
Spiders Pirata piraticus 586
Spiders Pisaura mirabilis 311
Spiders Robertus lividus 342
Spiders Salticus scenicus 785
Spiders Selimus vittatus 86
Spiders Simitidion simile 775
Spiders Tetragnatha nigrita 777
Spiders Tibellus maritimus 856
Spiders Tibellus oblongus 855
Spiders Trematocephalus cristatus 308
Spiders Uloborus walckenaerius 850
Spiders Xerolycosa nemoralis 805
Spiders Xysticum bifasciatum 928
Spiders Xysticus cristatus 936
Spiders Xysticus kochi 842
Spiders Zilla diodia 425
Spiders Zora spinimana 711
Springtails Orchesella cincta 433
Ticks & mites Aceria origani 909
Ticks & mites Ixodes ricinus 220

If you've scrolled this far, here is a little teaser for what's coming next year. Put the 25th May 2018 in your diary. Challenge #1500species is coming!

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