Filming Wild Britain with Ray Mears

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday 26 May 2011 15:41

I've been filming with Ray Mears for Wild Britain today for ITV. The show is going to go out in the autumn and will look at chalk-grassland and the South Downs. I am not looking smug in the photo, I am squinting into a very biting wind. We looked at Southerham and Malling Down. A very windy and occasionally wet day sadly but we still saw plenty of Adonis Blues. It was a really exciting day and I learned a lot. I can't wait to see what it looks like but I am going to have to wait a long time before it's aired. I'll do a reminder post nearer to the time.

Prior to that I popped into Woods Mill, Penny and Alice put the trap out and I was glad to see a Nascia cilialis. This is perhaps the scarcest moth (Na) that occurs at Woods Mill and it has taken me three years to finally catch up with one. I end the day on 3376 species.

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Gilly Says:

Sounds like you had a great time. The problem with doing telly is that it gets addictive. I had my 15 minutes of fame four years ago and I'm still looking for my next fix!

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