Posted by Graeme Lyons , Sunday 20 March 2011 17:33

Is glaucousness a word? It is now. I have a fetish for glaucous plants and this moss is no exception, I can't believe I haven't seen it before. It's Silver-moss Bryum argenteum. There was lots of it growing on an old concreted dew pond on a farm survey this morning. I also found another very common species that was new to me there Grimmia pulvinata and some unidentified crusty lichens. They may well stay that way too.

The birds were pretty quiet today but I did spot a few invertebrates. This Prussian Plate-jaw Leistus spinibarbis wouldn't keep still for a photo but I like this shot anyway. I also found a little beetle known as Scaphidema metallicum.
I found two new ants today too, including this one which after much staring at down the microscope I am fairly confident is Myrmica scabrinodis. The other ant was Lasius alienus. Another day with four additions to my list leaving me on 3163.

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