Posted by Graeme Lyons , Tuesday 8 March 2011 19:10

CG2aiii is my new favourite NVC community. Well, sub-community. No, variant of a sub-community. Anyway, it's tightly-grazed species-rich chalk grassland dominated by chalk-loving bryophytes and there is lots of it at on the new land at Ditchling Beacon. The species I found there on Sunday  that I could not ID was identified by Howard Matcham and I was glad that it was one I had considered due to the shape of its pear-shaped leaves. Pale Glaucous Thread-moss Pohlia wahlenbergii. I added three mosses and a woodlouse to my list on Sunday (and drove less than 20 miles). Now, would I have been happier if I had driven 250 miles and added Oriental Turtle Dove to my list instead? I don't think so. I am going to twitch mosses instead of birds from now on, less chance of failure! Anyone know of any good sites for Prince-of-Wales Feather-moss Leptodon smithii, that looks pretty cool?!

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Josh Jenkins Shaw Says:

I don't know about Leptodon smithii, but let me know if you know where to see Allochernes wideri! Really need to explore some new habitats/communities, running out of ticks round here!

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