A window of opportunity

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Friday 1 April 2011 16:03

I put the trap out at Woods Mill last night. It was fairly dull but after I had gone through the trap I noticed quite a few moths outside, on the other side of reception. Including this Brindled Pug and a Streamer. The light you can see in front is the reception doors and it is beyond there that we run the trap now. 

I went outside and found a Shoulder-stripe too. I wonder who that shadowy figure is? When I was out there I spotted this lacewing and decided to try and key it out to species.
I think it is Chrysoperla carnea. Anyone out there know their lacewings? Things got really strange later on when a newt appeared in the middle of our office.

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LauraJ Says:

This was posted April 1. How can you leave us with that last sentence? I suppose I must ask, regarding the newt: Was it pissed?

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