Blinks and you'll miss it

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Friday 15 April 2011 16:33

I carried out a breeding bird survey at Waltham Brooks today and it is looking great with Lapwing, Redshank, Little Ringed Plover and Green Sandpiper all present, it had that feeling that anything might turn up. With Cuckoo, Grasshopper Warbler and six Sedge Warblers too, it really was alive with birds. 

The footpaths are full of Sticky Mouse-ear punctuated by the odd little patch of Blinks, a flower I think I have only ever seen knowingly once before. Not the most inspiring of species but I like the name.
I couldn't resist a shot of this Changing Forget-me-not unfolding like a Bracken crosier. I would go and have a look at Waltham this spring, it's looking really good and I reckon there might be the chance of something unusual turning up there on the bird front! With news of Killer Whales feeding off Dungeness yesterday, I am a little twitchy. 
I also spotted this alien, Italian Lords and Ladies (just the leaves though - actually a tick for me). Which leaves me on 3242.

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