Mini-Me Merveille du Jour

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Friday 8 April 2011 18:37

I ran  the moth trap at Woods Mill last night and caught 18 species, the nicest of which was this tortrix, Acleris literana. I love lichen mimics and this really looks like the micro-moth equivalent of the Merveille du Jour. Other moths included Frosted Green, Scorched Carpet, Pebble Prominent and Lunar Marbled Brown. There was also this sexton beetle in the trap Nicrophorus humator.
I spent the day at Iping Common and Graffham Common and the things we found were pretty bloody awesome including a few things I have wanted to see for some time, with several notables and maybe even a red data book but certainly lots of ticks. However, you're gonna have to wait until tomorrow before I pull together all the identifications and photos! Watch this space, it might even be a two parter...

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