Purple Haze

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Sunday 17 April 2011 16:18

Thanks to Oli for this shot of the Purple Heron we twitched yesterday at Southease, a nice little birthday treat. Nice to see its whole body and not just its head. My rule of always moving away from waiting crowds of twitchers payed off yet again. I did feel quite bad for the people I called over when the heron came into view because as they were walking towards me, it flew and they missed it. If I hadn't called them over, they all would have seen it clearly in flight from their vantage point! Oh well, I did show them an Angleshades as compensation. I was surprised to hear Marsh Frogs there too, I didn't realise they were this far west.

Jo got me a new phone for my birthday. It has a camera in it, so I can have it on me at all times like on the way to the pub. I can blog in the field too. Oh dear...

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Steve Gale Says:

Hi Graeme, would you be kind enough to look at my latest post and care to comment on the picture of the grass? To me, it looks very similar to the image of Early Meadow-grass that you posted recently. Kind regards, Steve

Graeme Lyons Says:

Hi Steve
I left two comments on your blog yesterday and neither of them were there when I checked last night! What's your email address?

convoswplants Says:

herons are rad. blue herons remind me of childhood.

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