Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday 9 April 2011 11:49

I had a great day yesterday showing Jane Willmott around Iping and Graffham Commons. Jane is a new member of the Reserves Team at the Trust and after a hot morning at Iping, we went to Graffham to look at the small area of M16 wet heath that supports Marsh Club-moss, Sphagnum compactum and sundews. The Marsh Club-moss is harder to see at this time of year but we did find six plants. Jane suddenly shouted 'there is a bright green and purple one here!' (referring to a beetle). I new without seeing it it was going to be Agonum sexpunctatum because by a strange twist I had read up on the thing the night before and thought I might bump into it one day at Iping or Stedham, it being a specialist of wet heaths. This beautiful Na carabid is quite spectacular and I assume the Latin name refers to the line of punctures on the third elytral interval, mostly visible in the photo. A great spot by Jane and it rounded off a brilliant day in the field, I'm still waiting on an identification or two before I post the Iping sightings. 

On the way back from the shops just, a big sawfly landed in front of me of the cimbicid type, never seen it before, I must try and get that identified too. My list is currently on 3220.

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