Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday 12 April 2014 08:20

Liophloeus tessulatus might not be the rarest weevil but it is certainly very smart and measuring in at over a cm, it even falls into the 'large' category. I swept this beast yesterday from the valley field at Woods Mill. It was certainly a better marked specimen than the two other individuals I had seen before. I checked my data base and was surprised to see four records for this. It just goes to show that I just can't keep track of all this stuff in my head anymore and the database is serving one of it's main functions, acting like extra memory for me! Anyway, I was really pleased with this particular photo.

My pan-species list has slowed in the last week due to the construction of the PSL website which is undergoing a beta trial period with a small group of people to trouble shoot and develop, it won't be long before it's live but I'm not sure how long. Maybe the end of the month? So I'm a tantalising 30 away from 5000 at 4970 but I have limited chance of getting out this weekend as my Mum is coming down for the first time in five years! Maybe I'll taker her twitching...

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