Shepherd & Dog & Beetle

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday 12 April 2014 20:42

As I was walking back from the bar at the Shepherd & Dog in Fulking I had a look at a decaying cherry tree that drew my eye. I walked right up to a specimen of the nationally scarce b saproxylic beetle Oedemera femoralis, wrapped in spider's web and barely alive. Not only was this stonking species a lifer for me, it was my 750th species of beetle. We were there because Mum is down visiting for the weekend. Here she is next to the cherry tree. I suddenly thought after I had taken the photo that it might not have been the decaying tree that had attracted the beetle but rather the light on the tree. I have heard of this species turning up in moth traps, has anyone else recorded it this way?

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Martin Harvey Says:

I've had it in light-traps about half-a-dozen times, and a friend also gets it very regularly in his garden trap, so I suspect your light theory is correct. Nice beetle!

Unknown Says:

I have seen this on a car at night as well as in the garden moth trap.

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