Snags and ladders

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Wednesday 30 April 2014 16:42

I spent a long but enjoyable day yesterday at the BTO's headquarters at the Nunnery thrashings out ideas of what to record in a national living landscape monitoring strategy. Despite seven hours driving and a five hour meeting, I squeezed in some natural history thanks to Andy Musgrove and Brian Eversham. The highlight for me was this notable a weevil, Cossonus linearis, that I found on a hybrid Black Poplar snag. It's  real specialist of this part of the world according to the NBN, so it was a really nice thing to chance upon. Another beetle Brian showed us that was not something I have ever come across before, Gonodera luperus. I see that has a stronghold in the Brecks too. I saw three new beetles in all but dipped on Otter and Platyrhinus again!

Strangest though was ticking the nationally scarce Wall Bedstraw from a step ladder on the walls of the old Nunnery! Thanks to Andy, Brian and Rob for such an enjoyable day.

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