Lipstick of the woods

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Sunday, 25 September 2011 17:15

Oli and I went to search for Dog Stinkhorn today at Ebernoe Common. The first fungus we saw were the Ballerinas or Pink Waxcaps that are pretty much guaranteed at this time of year in Ebernoe Churchyard. We also met two mycologists in the churchyard, Nigel Reeve and Richard Bullock. I mentioned our quest for the little stinker and they told us that they could show us a spot where they saw them last year. We got there and there were none to be seen. I was pretty much about to give up and look elsewhere when Richard spotted this one, a big thanks Richard. Man alive, what a strange and disgusting looking thing it is. I had a good sniff off it at close range, although subtle compared to the regular Stinkhorn, it did smell a little less like a rotting corpse and a bit more like a dog poo. Unsurprisingly, wretching ensued once more. I have a far too sensitive nose for such antics.

I also saw my first Chanterelle, I am not sure how I have managed to miss this species for so long. Other notable finds included Grey Club and this Elfin Saddle. I end the day on 3621 species.

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Bridget Says:

Just found your blog through a facebook link. Love it! Fab pics and topics.

Graeme Lyons Says:

Hi Bridget, glad you are enjoying it!

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