Dark Star

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday 24 September 2011 13:37

DOOLITTLE: "What is your one purpose in life?"
BOMB: "To explode, of course"

During a rare trip into town to buy some new walking boots for work, I called in at the Dumb Waiter on Sydney Street for some lunch. I had a call from Tony a few weeks ago saying he had some earthstars growing in the garden but this is the first chance I have had to take a look. I am sure they are Collared Earthstars, the only earthstar I have ever seen but then only twice. Both in conifer plantations at The Lodge and closer to home at Graffham Common. These are growing under a kiwi tree in Brighton's North Laine where it is very dark due to the dense canopy of leaves, a place I often retreat to in the heat of summer. I am fairly sure this is the first time they have appeared there. The photo was taken with my camera phone and I am really pleased with the shot considering the poor light. As ever the food was great! Om nom nom.

Actually, I think it reminds me a little of the Planet Defender Ion Cannon from The Empire Strikes Back...

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Flora Says:

Hi Graeme. Will watch Star Wars tonight and check out those planet defender earth stars :-)
But I've never seen an earth star in the flesh.
Are you able to say where at The Lodge (if still there)?
Enjoying your blog immensely

Graeme Lyons Says:

Hi Mel
They were on a ride between a plantation in an area that was felled before I left so I would expect it to be unsuiable now. Glad you are enjoying the blog!
I'm off to Ebernoe to look for Dog Stinkhorn now!

Flora Says:

The dog stinkhorn is just brilliant. I will check for the eathstars along the paths on the new heath later today, just in case. Guessed it was in the felled area.
The fly agarics at The Lodge are stunning at the moment.
I like the film links, especially the scifi ones!

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