Cage fighting

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Friday 9 September 2011 16:26

A visit to Levin Down today to discuss the site's management. It's looking great this year due to all Mark's and the volunteers' efforts. The grassland is richer in nectar sources and structure and large areas of low growing woody vegetation seem to be under control. It really feels like we are turning a corner. I saw Eyebright sp. growing at a density greater than I have ever seen before.
Juniper regeneration remains a problem but an attempt by Plantlife to produce seedlings using cages next to viable female Juniper plants has been successful! I only looked at one cage but there were five seedlings that I could see within one quadrant of the cage, great news!

We spotted this Clouded Yellow too, the first one I have seen this year. Other than that, a few Yellow Wagtails were the only other migrants.

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