Can you spot the moths?

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday 14 October 2010 18:31

Before scrolling down, see how many moths you can see in the above photo. I didn't find the moths like this (they were caught in the moth trap) but it does make a good background. I think some of the lichen mimic moths are some of our most stunning species and I wanted to show how cryptic they are against the right background.

Thanks to Alice I didn't have to do much other than turn up and photograph the moths again today at Woods Mill. It's always a good day when you catch Merveille du Jour (it translates as 'marvel of the day' apparently), this is surely the nicest British moth, well it's my favorite anyway. It reminds me of mint chock-chip ice-cream. Om nom nom.
OK, so that one was easy and I think you probably all spotted the Green-brindled Crescent too.
But how many people spotted the third and final moth, the Figure of Eight? There were three in the trap today. I don't know if I have ever seen this moth as an adult before, I see the larvae all the time when beating rich hedgerows in the West Weald in the early summer. I imagine this is a good indicator of a rich hedgerow.

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Maurice Gordon Says:

Yep you're right, didn't spot the Figure of Eight!

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