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Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday 2 October 2010 11:10

One of my favourite aspects of birding is learning songs and calls. I shout them out where ever I am, whatever I am doing, no matter how inappropriate. Meetings, weddings, funerals. You get the idea. I can't help it, I'm sorry (I'm soo not sorry). I also do it during films. After natural history, watching movies is probably my second favourite past time. Now I have found a way to combine the two! I have been keeping a mental list for a long time so I am going to kick start my list on a new page with a few things that I remember and an awful film that I have just watched, Centurion. The highlight for me was the Green Woodpecker that called half way through the movie, it was that bad. Neil Marshall, Dog Soldiers and The Descent were ace, what's this rubbish? I should say this is not a cry for sending in birds you have heard in films, this is my own perverse pleasure I am sharing with you. For me it is all about the surprise when I am totally absorbed in a film when suddenly I'm shouting out the name of a bird I've just heard in the background. A perfect synergy between two hobbies. I don't want the surprise ruined. Now I did hear a Common Sandpiper the other day but I can't remember the film....

You might think this is a little sad, and you would be completely right.

Film Bird Details
Batman Begins Chiffchaff Gotham is actually in Bedfordshire
The Dark Chough Awful film, worth it for the Chough!
Pan's Labyrinth Crossbill Calling throughout the whole film
Centurion Green Woodpecker Never getting that 90 minutes back
Withnail and I Redstart Sublime
Antichrist Tree Pipit Lars von Tree Pipit is a genius
Them Stone Curlew France has chavs too

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