Size IS everything!

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday 24 June 2010 19:05

Courtesy of Bryan Michie I finally connected with a live Stag Beetle! He gets them in his garden in Henfield and he gave me a shout so I called in on the way past. This huge male was over 6cm long and absolutely dwarfed another male that was around 4cm long. This smaller individual had actually been caught and dispatched in a spider web. They really are impressive, much more active than I expected, it looked like a clockwork toy. I couldn't resist a shot next to the tattoo. I am a bit puzzled by the hairy, yellow, triangular appendage between the mandibles, I wonder what this is for? Anyway, thanks Bryan for showing me Britain's largest beetle. Awesome.

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Charlie Kilshaw Says:

I have read that that yellow appendage is a 'tongue' of sorts, use for feeding on tree sap or decaying fruit etc. Great tat by the way!

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