Invertebrates don't get back ache

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Tuesday 29 June 2010 16:18

But unfortunately I do, and that's why my blog has been quiet for a few days. I'm still having trouble but I hate to miss time in the field at this time of year. I spent a few hours at The Mens today changing the interception traps and I noticed this Black and Yellow Longhorn Beetle Rutpela maculata (bottom photo) sitting on a bramble leaf. I saw my first Marbled White of the year at Woods Mill today too.

Last Friday I ran a new course on the plants, invertebrates and birds of heathlands at Iping and Stedham. It was a very hot day and I saw more Silver-studded Blues than I have ever seen before. I also saw at least 10 Mottled Bee-flies Thyridanthrax fenestratus (top photo). This is a nationally scarce BAP species that is a parisitoid of wasps and/or the wasp's caterpillar prey. They like bare sand, particularly along paths. We also saw Downy Emeralds, Red-eyed Damselflies, Grass waves, Leptura quadrifasciata, fledgling Woodlarks, Round-leaved and Oblong-leaved Sundew, Beautiful Yellow Underwing larvae and loads of Clouded Buff. It was a pretty full-on day but I was glad that the attendees got to see so much stuff!

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