Posted by Graeme Lyons , Friday 11 June 2010 14:09

Not the globular cluster in Sagittarius, the calcareous fen NVC community of course! Ecologists love acronyms and alpha-numerics and none are more ambiguous and meaningless than those used in the National Vegetation Classification. M25, U2, M16 are all examples. Love it or hate it, the NVC is a pretty useful tool and the large area of M22 at Filsham Reedbed was doing well when I was there yesterday. It's Blunt-flowered Rush/Marsh Thistle calcareous fen. In the photo you can see that Ragged Robin and Meadowsweet are community constants. You can see the Blunt-flowered Rush in the background as a dark patch. This area is summer cut to promote this kind of vegetation and reduce the vigor of Reed which can be seen throughout. This NVC community is scarce.

I completed the 7th visit of the Filsham bird survey yesterday there was a Cuckoo on the reserve and I saw my first fledgling Reed Warblers of the year but other than that there was little to note.

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