But the numbers were too great

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Tuesday 7 February 2017 18:24

I was struck by how cathartic it was writing about my old bird diaries. It wasn't an easy period in my life and I didn't have many suitable male role models growing up but those bird-watching days were of real importance to me.  I really can't thank Ewart and Richard enough for their influence. I believe my drive to go to uni, my career in natural history and much of my inquisitive scientific mind come from those adventures.

Anyway, at 12, I might have known what a Waxwing was but I clearly didn't know that I was actually in Nuneaton not Nottingham (thanks for the update Ewart). You'll be telling me that the Snowy Owl wasn't in Leicestershire next!

Blithfield Reservoir is definitely in Staffordshire however. Well, it definitely was in 1991...

We set of to Blithfield, we found a dead dunlin and we walked across the ice on some of the small inlets. 
        We searched the teal for this greenwinged but the numbers where to great. we walked around for a while and saw a nice male pintail and a male gad wall. We went back to the bus and sent a few icebergs out to see while I stood on them! We talked for a while about the mobius ring, atoms and anti matter, we then went home.

Only a short one this time. Tune in next time for a trip to Leicestershire to twitch a Snowy Owl...

3 Response to "But the numbers were too great"

Steve Gale Says:

Möbius Ring, atoms and antimatter... everyday subjects for 12 year olds!

Roman Says:

I always find it interesting to read how others became interested in natural history. At least you had a couple of like minded friends, growing up I thought I was the only naturalist in the village. Hope to read more of your early diary entries.

Graeme Lyons Says:

It's so much fun reading back through this stuff in detail. So many happy memories there.

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