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It's 20th February 1991 and I'm 12, I'm at Titchwell and about to get two lifers...

We got to the shop and Mr Gardner betted me all my bird-watching equipment that it was shut. It wasn't (wait a minute, why didn't I get all his bird-watching equipment?!). We looked at the list, the occasional male hen harrier, brambungs, brambungs? It was bramblings with the 'l' and 'i' joined together.
             We walked down the path and saw 3 crows, no 2 crows and a female hen harrier being mobed by the crows (this was a lifer for me). We then carried on along towards the hides. We met a mom (?!) in the hides who told us about the black-bellied dipper at Barton Ovary and Batron Market. We went down the beach and saw two unknown, lark like birds. We left Mr Berry looking at the sea (he's still there, looking at the sea) and went looking for twite and saw three birds (wait, what happened to the other two?), twite we thought but they were shore lark! (these were also lifers) and one meadow pipit. We couldn't see the horns though, we headed back to the car and decided to look for the black bellied dipper.

Next up find out why Black-bellied Dippers are so cold. You'll never be able to guess.

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