The mother of all dead leaf mimics

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday 17 July 2014 20:52

I never thought this day would come. Twenty two years after I started mothing, and I have finally seen a Lappet! What a stunning moth it is too! A big thanks to Penny for putting the moth trap out at Woods Mill last night. This moth isn't even listed as nationally scarce (although it probably would be if it were assessed now) despite being close to extinction in West Sussex.

There is nothing worse than waiting years for something only to be underwhelmed, in this case the opposite was true and the moth was totally unlike anything I had ever seen before. The colours were really intense, the orange hind wings and purple palps and legs really stood out. This moth totally eclipsed another macro moth tick we recorded at Flatropers Wood today, the nationally scarce (Nb) White-line Snout, a rather dull little noctuid but a good record all the same. Two new macro moths in one day, now that hasn't happened for a long time! Maybe this year I'll finally see an Otter?

4 Response to "The mother of all dead leaf mimics"

Wild Stutton Says:

22 years! What a veteran. Whats the foodplant Graham?

Graeme Lyons Says:

Various shrubs I think, nothing special!

Anonymous Says:

I get to see Otters most days, but sheesh, I miss Lappets... Totally awesome, funky beasties. Arguably more chutzpah than a big water weasel too... ;-)

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