The boy who cried Pondweed Leafhopper

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Wednesday 30 July 2014 16:37

This is the the very rare Pondweed Leafhopper Macrosteles cyane and this is the story of why you should never cry wolf. First off, read this. With particular reference to the last line of the second paragraph.

Yesterday, on the pool behind where Seth made his little joke last month (when I say behind, I'm talking 5 metres behind) I spotted HUNDREDS of the this very rare leafhopper sitting on the leaves of Broad-leaved Pondweed. What a fantastic result! This is a really rare species found at only a handful of ponds in the UK. Read here for more info. There were so many there that I must have overlooked them last time. Which means Seth, they were right behind you all along!

Should I mention the three Thirteen-spot Ladybirds?

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Gibster Says:

You complete and utter bugger, lol :D :D

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