Avian themed fungal ticks

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday 15 October 2011 11:16

Went to Ebernoe yesterday to look at the Dormice boxes there too but I don't think we encountered a single small mammal. I was keeping my eyes peeled for fungi but there were very few about. I did spot this Shaggy Inkcap but that's certainly not new for me. Pleased with the shot though.

On the way from West Dean Mark told me had seen some Parrot Waxcaps in the churchyard at Ebernoe and I new these would be a tick for me if they were still there, which they were. Not quite as bright as I was expecting but you can see the pink, green and yellow.
Just around the corner Mark had also found some birds nest fungi and I was pleased to realise when I got home they were also a tick for me being Fluted Birdsnest Fungi. Strange little things indeed. Thanks Mark, I owe you two!
Finally, I found a small male spider with the strangest palp (one was missing). It also had relatively huge chelicerae under the hand lens and it was quite clearly another news species for me. It's a common species but one I would easily recognise again being Pachygnatha degeeri. I ended the 14th October 2011 on 3640 species and amazingly have had over 7500 page views in October alone!

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