Warts and all

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Wednesday 13 July 2011 19:38

Whilst visiting Filsham today, I spotted a few plants in a nearby field that were new to me. First off is the nationally scarce Broad-leaved Spurge with its warty fruits and (in this instance) bright red stems.

Nearby (and not unexpected after the above) is the local Field Woundwort, one I have always wanted to see and a bit of a midget compared to many other labiates. I also spotted Fine-leaved Water-dropwort, one that I don't see often. Beetle-wise, I have not seen much lately but I did find the nationally scarce (Nb) Crudosilis ruficolis. Despite not making a real effort to list, I am currently on 3554 species and 1126 vascular plants. This means that 31.7% of my list is made up of vascular plants.

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AnneC Says:

Again! I spotted the Spurge myself but had no idea what I was looking at, let alone it was rare! Makes me still worried about how much we miss because of our lack of knowledge

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