Candidula camera

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Wednesday, 20 July 2011 16:10

I saw these strange looking snails on the edge of an arable field this morning. I'm pretty sure that this is Candidula gigaxii, a species I have not seen before. The shell is less wrinkled and with a more rapidly expanding outer whorl than it's close relative the much commoner Candidula intersecta. They were also climbing around in rank herbage which also fits, as intersecta is meant to prefer shorter turf. I was surprised that there was no reference in the literature to how white the body was. I'd be interested if anyone has seen this species for their comments.

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Mark G. Telfer Says:

Graeme, Weird looking snail that. Not really sure what it is but I'd go along with gigaxii. It's a species I've only seen once, though you'd think it was common from the map in the Atlas. Arable field edges are the classic place for it. Mark

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